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How to Install Oracle Database 11g XE (Express Edition) on Windows 64-bit OS (Operation Systems) ?

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Come to the topic.

Oracle Database lite and free version is XE (Express Edition).
It's only available windows version is 32-bit, Linux 64-bit also available.Oracle Corporation should have plan of 64-bit also.

If you try to install on a 32-bit windows (will be rare in future, i think), you will success without any error.
Happy installing :)

But, if you try on any 64-bit windows, for example windows 7,8 or windows server 2008R2, you will stuck on a error message and if you skip this, your installation will not success.

So, what to do ???

Follow the bellow step by step guide and InshaAllah, your installation wile be fine..

1. After downloading the .zip file and extract, Right Click on setup.exe and click
Run as Administrator.

2. Click Next up to 3rd Stage and when it prompt for password for SYS and SYSTEM, type the password and remember.

3. then carry on the installation.

Within few min (depends on you pc configuration), you will see error like bellow,
Don't worry, the error indicates, path/location shows in the message is missing in the registry.

Don't click the "OK"

So you need to add it in the registry.
For safety, type the path in the windows explorer address bar and confirm the location and hit ENTER to go to the folder.

Go   start Menu at task-bar and click on run.. type regedit and hit enter key.

Registry editor will open.
Expand ...HKey_classes_root >> Installer >> Products >> 266B7A503A089BE4EAD1986A429434C1 >> SourceList 
Under "SourceList" you will see "Media". Click on Media

At right side, you will see a string named 1.  For example

Select 1 and click modify from right mouse click. Replace the value with the error showing path without KEY_XE.reg


Close the Registry Editor and NOW click On OK at the error message.

Then installation will go end. You are done.... :)

Happy installation..

Comments to share your thoughts..

End for the day....

Praise to Almighty Allah(swt).  :)

Fi amanillah

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