Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Make Drill Down (Hyperlink) Report in Oracle Reports 10g/11g?

Greetings in Islamic way “As salamualikum”

Hyperlink reports in oracle means call another report from a report by clicking at a value.  For example, we have a report like bellow,
Abdul Hamid
Hamidur Rahman Siddique

And we want to call another report named DETAIL_INFO of a person by clicking on ID. How can we achieve this?

My example also helps to Hiding username/password when calling a report from another report

Follow the bellow steps and you are done.
1.       First stop the report server. (OC4J instance also for 10g)
2.       Search for CGICMD.DAT file in Developersuite home. (for 10g It’s located at <DevSuiteHome_1\reports\conf> folder. And for 11g D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\ClassicDomain\config\fmwconfig\servers\WLS_REPORTS\applications\reports_11.1.2\configuration)
3.       Open the CGICMD.DAT file and go to bottom line and add the bellow lines and modify as your value.

hrs: userid=test/password@orcl server=rep_server desformat=pdf destype=cache paramform=no %*
(Where first userid, report server name, report destination format, destination type and no parameter form.)
4.       Save and close the file.
5.       Now open the report which will have the link.
6.       Select the data field and press F11 to go code editor and add the bellow code before
return (true);
(Change the report server url as you have, report name and parameter if you have)

Compile and save the reports. If needs convert to any other extension.

Now Run the report server and run your report…

You are done :)
Hope this helps…