Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oracle Forms Designer has stopped working/ How to apply Patchset 7047034 ?

As salamualikum Readers,

When you install Oracle Developer Suite 10g Release 2 on windows 7 and try to open any form within the builder, you may face the following issues..

Oracle Forms Designer Has stopped Working

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.

---> Check online for a solution and close the program
----> close the program

What is the solution ?

There is two solution for this issue.

Solution # 1

  1. Open form builder.
  2.  Make connection with database.
  3.  Now open the form.
If solution # 1 doesn't work in your case then your need metalink ( access which required valid support account.

 Solution #2

  1. Download Patchset no. 7047034
  2. Extract in root drive like C:\ 7047034
  3. open command prompt with admin previlage (@ write cmd)
  4. set oracle_home like (C:\Users\Administrator>set oracle_home=C:\DevSuiteHome_1)
  5. set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch;%PATH% like (C:\Users\Administrator>set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch;%PATH%)
  6. go to patchset folder like (C:\Users\Administrator>cd c:\7047034)
  7. write opatch apply like (c:\7047034>opatch apply)
  8. When your see >>Is this system ready for updating?
    Please respond Y|N > << Type Y and press Enter Key
  9. at finishing you will see >>OPatch succeeded.
    OPatch returns with error code = 0 <<
  10. write cscript //nologo remove_demo.js like (c:\7047034>cscript //nologo remove_demo.js)
Your are done. ;)

Now open form builder and open any form without error.

Enjoy Oracle Forms Developing..

If it helps, Leave your message.


  1. dear hamid asslamualaikum really thank you very much bottom of heart ..... can you send me the like for patch file beacuse when i trying not able to get line pls help i will be grateful for the same

    thanks & Regards
    mohammed zafrul islam
    +966506985364 saudi arabia

  2. dear hamidur rahman assalamualaikum how ...

    Dear i have installed 2indows 7 64 bit.
    oracle 10g and developer 10g 32 bit

    when i open any form giving same errors i need your help so please help me solve this issue so please send me patch link file or you can send ..

    pls help me your help will be highly appreciated

    thanks & regards

    mohammed zafrul islam

  3. As salamualikum
    brother mohammed zafrul islam.
    Patchset isn't available do public download. if you have service contact or metalink account. you can download it from oracle support site.

    Does solution 1 works for you ?

  4. Dear Hamidur Rahman Siddique,

    It's working nice with your Solution #2.
    Thanks a lot. :)


    Shish Mehedee

  5. thanks for share..

  6. Dear Hamid Asslamulaikum really a great thanks to You For this Blog.
    It really Help me. I was in critical situation work on Company's site and Lot of work pending to finish. But My problem has solved.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kewal Krishan.

    1. Dear Kewal Krishan,
      Walikum As salam.
      May allah(swt) mercy and bless on us.

    2. hamid sir,plz help me for second last i found
      Opatch failed because of inventory problem - Opatch returns error code 100.
      plz help me

    3. Un-Install the forms and do a fresh new install and try.

      Hope it works... Hamid :)

  7. Solution#1 works for me.

    Thanks Hamidur bhai.....

  8. Salam Alikoum ,
    i installed oracle 10g 64 bit on windows 7 home premium and oracle form 6i
    i installed patch 14 ,15,26
    when i checked oracle its working fine ,i can connect and create database objects but when i try to connect forms with database it shows me windows error msg ,and form not working ,can you please help

  9. An oracle 10g (forms and reports) application works fine in the application server . But when i invoke it from a win7 client , it redirects the page to 'res://ieframe.dll/acr_depnx_error.htm'... and explorer closes down with error message like 'Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer'
    Please guide me to overcome the problem.

  10. Solution #1 works for me as well.
    Thanks a ton!!

  11. Nice, clear instructions that worked well for Solution 2 !


  12. Simply
    1- connect to database
    2- make sure used libraries exist in forms path

  13. Thanks
    Anisul Islam

  14. Please can someone provide me the link Patchset no. 7047034. I can not find and I'm sick of looking

  15. Thanks for your post Md. Hamidur Rahman Siddique.It helped me alot.Keep do posting.......

  16. I am noman. I face same problem for Windows Server 2008 64 bit but not solve it

    Oracle Forms Designer Has stopped Working

    Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.

    ---> Check online for a solution and close the program
    ----> close the program


    1. did you try solution no 1 ? if not work then 2 ?

  17. Dear Salamualikum, the solution#1 worked for me. Thanks a lot for your help.

  18. Please can someone provide me the link Patchset no. 7047034.

    1. You need to download it from oracle support

  19. Hi Hamid

    Do we need to install Patchset 5983622 to upgrade DevSuite to version before doing this step.We are trying to install Oracle Forms 10g ( Dev suite on WIN 7 32 bit machine to do the development and we are getting the same error message as discussed in this forum

  20. @ Anonymous

    Step to go

    1. Install forms 10g (
    2. Install patch 5983622 to upgrade
    3. Install patch 7047034

    You are done for Solution 2

    1. Thanks Hamid for the quick reply..I will try to install the 2 patches again and let you know.

      Also when i was trying to run opatch appy ; I was getting an error -- ‘Opatch’ is not recognized as an internal or external command.

      Do i need to do anything to set it up?

  21. Thanks...solution 1 worked for me.

  22. How can I open .FMB, which was saved in 11g
    Something like save as 10g

  23. Hi Hamidur,

    I did try the instructions you have mentioned in my windows 7 64 bit laptop. I have installed oracle 11g and only one of my form is crashing where as all other forms are working fine. I copied all my forms and reports from my server where it is working fine.

    When I run opatch apply i get this error

    "the Oracle_Home e:/devsuitehome_1 is not registered with the central inventory. Opatch was not able to get details of the home from the inventory.

    ERROR: Opatch failed bevause of Inventory problem.
    OPatch returns with error code=100'

    what would be the problem . pl provide me your contact number or mail id where i can contact you , if its possible

  24. Hello Hamid,

    Solution #2 worked perfect. Thanks a lot for providing great solution.
    God bless you.

  25. Dear Hamid,
    I am working on form builder 6i (Windows 7 64 bit), and I am getting same same would I need to install same patch? Please let me know as it is urgent for me. thanks in advance.

  26. Thanks you so much Hamid ! I was stuck with this issue and your blog was of great help !!
    Keep up the good work

  27. same problem occurring with windows 8 and oracle forms 11g . I tried the solution 1 but not working well.

  28. what about oracle forms 10g and windows 8 , can run same patch ?