Monday, December 1, 2014

Creating Domain Failed while Configuring Oracle Forms Instance 11gR2

As salamualikum (islamic greetings), brothers and sisters. :)
Hope you are well with the grace of Almighty Allah (swt).

You are planning to install Oracle Forms 11gR2 ( :)

And you done all pre-requition task  before installing Oracle Forms 11gR2

Installation going on all the way fine but stuck at the point of configuration like bellow image

and said Domain creation failed.

??? What's the wrong I've done ? Don't worry, go to the log file indicated by the image arrow location and open it.
Go to the end and scrolling up.

If you see something like

XXX: adding task:
  AdminServer port is 7001
  trying to connect to WIN-EJ826NJ1OBP 7001
  Creating Weblogic Domain.

WIN-EJ826NJ1OBP indicate Operating System Name

THEN it's the certainly issue of 
Oracle WebLogic NodeManager  service is started and you NEED to stop them to continue your setup.

Ok. Open Services (Windows)
Search for the named services and stop it.

Now Click on the Check box of First image and click RETRY

Wow... Configuration going on and Completed. Now start the NodeManager.

All the praises to Almighty Allah (swt)

Pray for me to Almighty Allah (swt) to keep it up and for my hereafter.


  1. for me I have the same problem but the node manager service doesn't appear in the services

  2. I can't find => Oracle WebLogic NodeManager and already i installed weblogic but can't find

    1. use command ps -ef | grep java

  3. I've tried many times but same problem bro,..plz,watch this link. i waiting for your answer

    1. hello ,
      did you solve this problem?
      because i face the same issue

    2. i have the same issue