Monday, November 14, 2016

Using In-process Reports Server causes FRM-41213 after system startup

After an installation/configuration of Oracle Forms and Reports (11gR1 or 11gR2), two reports servers are created:

  •  In-process reports server (Runs inside WLS_REPORTS)
  • Standalone reports server (Separate instance from WLS_REPORTS managed by OPMN)

If you have the in-process reports server (rep_wls_reports_hostname_asinst_1) configured for generating reports, there have been situations where after either WLS_REPORTS or the server/PC itself have been rebooted, running reports always generates FRM-41213 (Unable to connect to Report Server) errors.
There are two solutions which can be done:

  • Using the standalone reports server (RptSvr_hostname_asinst_1)

  1.  Go to your env file associated to your Forms application. 
  2. Look for a variable called ‘APP_RS’ or ‘RSERV’. (If they do not exist, skip to step 4) 
  3. Change the value of the variable from the in-process reports server to the standalone reports server. Save changes made in the file. 
  4. If the reports server is referenced directly in your WHEN_NEW_FORM_INSTANCE trigger, you will need to make the change specified in step 3 in the form itself. Save and recompile the form.
  • Starting the in-process reports server before using application (methods shown below)

  1. Starting the in-process reports server through Enterprise Manager FMW Control 
  2. Starting the server by URL: http://hostname:port/reports/rwservlet/startserver 
  3. Calling anything in rwserver by URL (Example: Go to Showjobs at http://hostname:port/reports/rwservlet/showjobs)

If you choose to switch to the standalone reports server, it will always be running after starting up your system as all OPMN processes start automatically in Windows. The standalone reports server will be ready instantly as soon as all WebLogic servers are up and running.

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