Friday, February 17, 2012

Oracle Searching at Forms, With Individual LOV

Do you want to search in every field in form ? Don't want to memorize each filed value ? Want to select the value from LOV (List of Values) ?

Ok. I will discuss, how can you do this.
For example, We have three filed named, department_id, department_name,location. We want to search in form in Enter Query mode. Instead of writing the value, we want to select it from LOV.

First, you need to create LOV for each and every filed for our form  filed and assign to the item.
Write Key-Listval trigger for each item and write the following code

if :system.mode='ENTER-QUERY' THEN
end if;

This will prevent the item to show LOV in any other mode and show only Enter-Query mode.

Now click on Enter-Query, Show your LOV(forms 6i= F9, 10g=Ctrl+L),select value and hit Execute-Query.

You are done.

If you don't like this try another way...Oracle Searching at Forms, Dynamic Way

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